How to make a trace for Snapper

March 12, 2012 by

Adding a heavier trace to your line to minimise separations through fatigue during a tussle with a big fish is a good strategy, either when fishing with a sinker or when fishing with unweighted baits. However, the use of a sinker is dictated in most situations and that process is illustrated here:

1. Taking a metre or so of the line you have selected for your trace, tie your hook to one end and a swivel, or small metal ring, to the other.

2. Thread your main line through the sinker and tie it onto the swivel.

3. The result is that you will now have a running sinker rig with a heavier trace.

4. An alternative strategy is to thread the line through an adapter like the Ezy Rig (illustrated) to which bomb style sinkers of various weights, to suit prevailing conditions, may be attached via the metal clip.

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