How to tie a Salmon Egg-Loop (Also known as a Bumper Knot) For Trout Fishing

April 16, 2012 by

1. Begin by taking a metre (three feet or so) or your trace material and thread it through the eye of a hook that has an upturned eye.

2. Wrap the shank of the hook with the standing part of the trace in the manner and direction shown.

3. Having made several wraps (six or seven usually) in the manner shown, thread the standing part of your trace back through the eye of the hook but leaving a residual loop.

4. Turn the hook around, and with the residual loop begin another series of wraps, over-binding the tag and shank of the hook as before. Should any difficulty be experienced at this point it will be because you began your initial wrapping in the opposite direction to that recommended.

5. Make about the same number of wraps as you did in the first instance.

6. Close the knot.

7. The free line between the first and last wraps and the eye of the hook now permits you to open a loop, insert your salmon egg sac so that tension on the trace secures it in place.

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